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**now available**

psi max boost coating

  • lasts longer
  • increased durability
  • more affordable
  • in-house, for faster service
  • Discounted pricing with recertification

When sending your blower to PSI for service, repair or certification, please remove all hardware from the blower. this includes hat nozzles, burst panels, drive flanges, starter stands, and any other items that are not factory installed. When these items are shipped with the blower, the possibility that they may be damaged or lost is increased.                                    


Be sure to include a note or letter stating what services you need performed, as well as your contact information:


Company Name

Phone Number

Return Address

Email Address


This is very important, even if you have spoken to someone over the phone. This will ensure that all work you have requested to your blower will happen in a timely manner.

Thank you.                                                                 

  • next business day recertification

  • service all brands of superchargers

  • International shipping

  • custom manufacturing of parts